Essential to Wellness: The Role Nutrients Play on The Immune System

Essential to Wellness: The Role Nutrients Play on The Immune System

Is your body getting the right nutrients for you and your immune system? As you know, your body needs healthy nutrients for so many things, but the role of nutrients in the immune system shouldn't be underestimated. The immune system stops diseases in their tracks and keeps us from getting infected, so you want to give it everything it needs to work correctly. But, without the right nutrients, your immune system might not be working at its best.

If you can believe it, 1 in 10 Americans aren't getting the nutrients they need to live long and healthy lives! Since you don’t want to be in that 10%, it’s vital to ensure that your diet includes all the essential nutrients for your unique body and lifestyle, so you don't suffer from any harmful vitamin deficiencies.

At UCARI, we want to help bring that number down to 0, so everyone can live their best life! So, how do we get there? First, you have to know if you’re actually giving your immune system exactly what it needs. So, we offer convenient, non-invasive, affordable intolerance test kits that only require a few strands of hair for a complete analysis of what’s going on in your body. Using cutting edge bioresonance technology, we analyze your hair sample to let you know if you are missing out on any of the key nutrients. If you are, don't fret! There are plenty of foods available that can bolster those nutritional needs. Things like fruits, vegetables, meat, dairy, and even some spices are easily accessible, so your immune system can stay in tip-top condition.

Ready to get started? Great! We’ve put together a list of the essential nutrients your body needs and some foods that will help you reach optimal levels. Let’s take a look together!

Vitamin C

Of course, we have to start with Vitamin C! You've probably heard that sick people should drink orange juice, but did you know that there’s something more to that old adage? Orange juice is chock full of vitamin C, a commonly known vitamin that boosts the immune system. Ascorbic acid, or vitamin C, stimulates neutrophils' growth, which are immune system cells that kill bacteria.

Vitamin C also protects other cells in your body. Having enough white blood cells to fight off foreign invaders in your body's ecosystem increases your ability to stay healthy and avoid those nasty diseases. So, grandma was right – drink your OJ!


This one sometimes overwhelms people! If you’ve ever heard of the term free radicals, it refers to unstable cells that can either poison other healthy cells or become cancerous. Antioxidants fight against those free radicals to keep you safe. Although preventative more than curative, antioxidants are an important part of your diet. Plus, you can find them in all sorts of foods, including:

  • Berries
  • Leafy greens
  • Coffee
  • Tea
  • Chocolate - YUM!


Oh, the power of fiber! Fiber keeps your gut healthy and keeps you regular. But that isn't all that fiber contributes to your body. Fiber also contains particles that help the bacteria living in your intestines, which keep your body safe from the waste you excrete while also breaking down the food you consume. Despite its importance, only 5% of Americans get enough fiber in their diet every day. You can find fiber in foods like:

  • Cauliflower
  • Broccoli
  • Asparagus


Now, there’s a buzzword you’ve probably heard around town! Probiotics also work on your gut's health, just like fiber. Probiotics keep the good bacteria in your intestines flourishing and your immune system in good working condition. Your gut has billions of good bacteria colonies inside to fight off any bad bacteria you might consume. Foods that can boost your levels of probiotics include:

  • Fermented foods and drinks
  • Kombucha
  • Sauerkraut
  • Greek yogurt

Vitamin D

You may know Vitamin D as the sunshine vitamin! But a Vitamin D deficiency can be a real problem for your health. Your immune system desperately needs that vitamin D, and you're much more likely to get sick when you don't get enough. Vitamin D supports bone health and keeps your teeth firmly where they belong. Your muscles also rely on vitamin D to bulk up and perform at their optimal level. Most people get vitamin D from dairy products or from the sun.

The sun? That’s right, just being out under the sun's glowing face stimulates your body's natural vitamin D production. If you can bask in the sun for at least 20 minutes every day, your vitamin D levels will definitely increase, and you will also feel a little happier!

Vitamin A

This one isn’t talked about quite as much, but it’s still a goodie! Vitamin A helps your body fight off infections when your immune system's first line of defense isn't enough. Inflammation is your body's natural response to infection, but chronic inflammation is bad news. Vitamin A can reduce the symptoms of chronic inflammation, as well as promote eye health. You can find vitamin A in:

  • Liver
  • Fish
  • Carrots
  • Broccoli
  • Melon


Did you know phosphorus is a mineral and not a vitamin? But minerals are important components for your body to function at maximum capacity too. Phosphorus is especially important for your immune system. Studies show that unhealthily low levels of phosphorus make it difficult for your gut and kidneys to keep working efficiently.

Phosphorus isn't the only mineral that you should take into consideration for your immune system's health and wellbeing. Selenium, zinc, copper, and iron are all crucial as well. You can find them in foods like:

  • Poultry
  • Fish
  • Beans
  • Dairy products

The Role Nutrients Play on The Immune System

As you can see, nutrients in the diet should be carefully monitored and consumed wisely. If you can get enough minerals, vitamins, and macronutrients, you can give your immune system exactly what it needs and keep your body strong and healthy. You need a strong immune system in order to thrive, and you need the right nutrients to do so. When foreign invaders like bacteria get into your body, you need your immune system's first line of defense to hold up against those invaders and to fight the good fight. To do that, you need to boost that immune system and give it the weapons it needs to protect the castle (i.e., YOU!).


And UCARI can help! Our bioresonance tests allow you to understand what your body needs and what types of nutrients you may be missing out on. Once you have identified possible nutrient deficiencies, you can modify your diet to accommodate for that, so you can begin living your best life! You should also keep in mind that nutritional supplements exist to help boost your levels of vitamins and minerals to keep your body in optimal fighting shape. So, let the journey begin! UCARI is here to support you every step of the way on your quest for health and happiness.

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