About Us

At UCARI, when we say, “It’s All About You…”

Every story is unique, and we love ours! It all began with a lively group of ambitious doctors, dedicated wellness practitioners, and dynamic entrepreneurs who put their heads together to develop an all-inclusive, non-invasive, at-home intolerance test kit for individuals like you who want to improve their everyday health and wellness.

We understand – your happiness is dependent on your everyday wellness. So, at UCARI, we focus on helping you grab the reins, take control of your health, and listen to your body, with a sincere emphasis on reducing lethargy, headaches, skin problems, gastrointestinal problems, sinus issues, and more. We target those pesky intolerances that may be hindering your body and holding you back from living your best life. Why? Because at UCARI, it’s all about YOU!

UCARI – Your Life, Your Wellness

It’s your wellness journey, but we won’t let you go through it alone! The UCARI community empowers you to take control of your wellness and inspires you to live your healthiest life every step of the way. UCARI is your new “wellness buddy” for the road ahead, and we’re excited to take this journey with you!

And at UCARI, we CARE.

UCARI was founded on the philosophy of giving back. We have focused our philanthropic efforts on raising the awareness of child hunger. For every kit purchased, a child in need will be fed.

Join our affiliate program and earn up to 15% for every referral purchase.