Welcome to UCARI’s Affiliate Program

Did you know you can identify the specific food and non-food items causing digestive and sensitivity issues using just a sample of your hair? Yes, that’s correct!

UCARI is a leader in at-home non-invasive intolerance testing kits for both humans and pets. Using a small sample of hair along with the latest in bioresonance technology, we can help you identify the exact foods, ingredients, environmental items, and skin care ingredients that could be potentially causing you unpleasant symptoms of an intolerance or sensitivity.

Using your hair sample, UCARI measures the frequency of your body and compares this to an existing database of stored frequencies of items you may eat or come in contact with. When there is an imbalance between your body’s frequency and any of these stored frequencies, this causes an imbalance and interruption of the body’s communication system and result in one or more symptoms of an intolerance.

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