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Intolerance Test Kit

Intolerance Test Kit

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Are intolerances slowing you down from feeling your best and doing the things you want to do?

Discover the foods and ingredients (including additives and preservatives), environmental factors, personal care product ingredients, or nutritional imbalances that could be causing unpleasant symptoms such as digestive and gastrointestinal issues, headaches, skin issues, nasal congestion, mental fatigue, and trouble sleeping.

Within 2 business days of receiving your sample at our company-owned, USA-based lab, you will receive easy to read, comprehensive results posted digitally to your account. This includes personalized insights and actionable next steps with our nutritional reboot program - all included with the cost of your kit. You also will have the option of printing and saving the results direct to your computer.

The UCARI intolerance test kit is suitable for all ages. From children to teens, adults to seniors. Start your wellness journey today.

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Test for 1500+ possible intolerances and nutritional imbalances

UCARI's Intolerance Testing Kit is comprehensive and all-inclusive. It's like getting 4 tests all in one test:

Improve the quality of your life without leaving your home

  • Non-Invasive
  • No Needles
  • No Doctor's Appointment
  • No Lab Visit
  • No Waiting Rooms
  • No Co-Pays
  • No Additional Costs
Fast and clear results by our
in-house, USA-based lab

Discover how intolerances might slow you down?

Find out what could be causing you to experience these symptoms

Digestive Issues
Skin Issues
Mental Fatigue
Trouble Sleeping

What's included in your kit

Test Instructions
Collection Bag
Return Envelope
Digital Results

With every test kit purchased, UCARI donates a portion of its profits to helping feed those less fortunate. This includes local charities that help feed children in need as well as local pet shelters.

Take control of your everyday happiness and well-being

UCARI's intolerance tests are carried out using bioresonance therapy and is categorized under Complementary and Alternative Medicines (CAMs) which covers a wide range of therapies that fall outside mainstream medicine. Tests and related information provided do not make a medical diagnosis nor is it intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis or treatment.

We make it easy to take action

Easy-to-understand Test Results

We keep it simple and easy to understand, so you know exactly what to do. When you log in, you will see a user-friendly, color-coded personal chart detailing your intolerances ranked from highest to lowest.

Personalized for You

Your results are broken down into four categories: food, environmental, skin care ingredient sensitivities, and your nutritional imbalances.

Actionable Nutritional Reboot

An easy three-part elimination diet that will help you unleash the power of the green, healthful foods that fuel your body to achieve a happier, healthier YOU!

Frequently Asked Questions

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That's the Power of UCARI!

Since food intolerances and sensitivities have delayed symptoms, it can be difficult to pinpoint which foods are causing your symptoms or daily discomfort. This is where food intolerance and sensitivity testing are critical. By using UCARI's intolerance testing kit, you can determine which foods could potentially be causing your symptoms and begin eliminating them from your diet for a certain period of time. This is known as an elimination diet that our highly trained wellness coach can take you through.

An intolerance is a reaction to an external trigger and strong intolerances are usually from a body that is out of balance. This means that it is possible to improve intolerances by either 1) Removing the trigger, or 2) Improving the body's balance. So don' t worry, if you are experiencing an intolerance, there is a good chance you will be able to improve your symptoms.

However, if your symptoms do not improve, then it is important to see a doctor as soon as possible. Many symptoms of intolerances can mimic symptoms of other conditions which are not necessarily related to what you eat or your environment. Taking the time to eliminate intolerance triggers will not harm your health, but ignoring warning signs may. So keep your doctor in the loop of what you're up to and make sure to get any questions checked out.

Non-food intolerances refer to items you may come in contact with that may cause an intolerance response, but are not foods. Things like soaps, shampoos, perfumes, makeup, or natural things in the environment like pollen, dust, and dander can all trigger an intolerance response in your body. Once you identify these non-food triggers, you can choose to avoid them so your body can be better balanced.

Luckily, not much! To provide you with the most accurate results, we only need 10-15 strands of hair. If your hair is short (or you're using hair from other parts of your body besides your head), please include additional strands for optimum accuracy.

Got more questions? Find answers on our FAQs page.

Intolerance Test Kit for Pets

Tests over 1000+ intolerances from food, skin environmental and nutritional imbalances for your furry friends. All in one test! For dogs and cats.

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