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At UCARI, we're committed to providing you with an affordable, all-inclusive intolerance testing kit that gives you the information and knowledge to help you make informed decisions in your daily life. Hear what some UCARI customers have to say.

Quick answers on my food intolerances. I got the results back in a few days and love the layout and how easy it was to read and follow

- Mom of 3 Boys, Amazon Customer

BEST TEST EVER SO AMAZING. I got it for my husband and it was way better than any $300 test I did! I want to try this for myself now. It answers so much and it comes so quickly!!!

- Abby, Amazon Customer

It Works! I used this to test for food sensitivity. It works! Now I know what to change in my diet for healthier results. It's very easy too.

- Leah Kent, Amazon Customer

Better than any other intolerance kit. Other tests like this cost 3 times the amount and I don't think they are as detailed as this one. They also have live chat on their page. And they sound very caring on their website. I just feel so good about this test. I'm now in the process of eliminating my “red” zoned foods from my list 🙂

- Timsrr, Amazon Customer

A must for caring people. Took the Ucari test and found out I was intolerant of so many things in my daily food intake. I cut things out and felt better.

Quick and easy way to find out your sensitivities to food…

- Alex, Amazon Customer

This test was very easy to do, just take a few strands of hair and send them in. The results came in very quickly. I confirmed intolerances I already knew about and learned something new I should address. I would recommend this if you're looking to learn about your body's intolerances.

- Alex K., Amazon Customer

Fast and Thorough. I did the vegan test… To see if I was intolerant to any fruits or vegetables. It was super fast, and I got the results a week after I sent the sample in. Would definitely recommend it to friends.

- Pearl, Amazon Customer

The UCARI test is so simple and easy to follow. As a health coach, I'm going to advise all my clients to take this test.


Simple, quick process. I took a hair sample, sent it back and got the report. Two weeks later, my indigestion has subsided to the point of freeing me from my daily meds. Coincidence? Doubtful.

- Rob S., CT

The UCARI intolerance test has changed our lives! We eliminated certain foods from our diets, and the results have blown us away.

- Melissa, OH

Gave us a clear picture on what not to feed to our dog. This test was easy to use and we got the results quickly. I am now able to look at ingredients and know if it's something safe for him to have.

- Brie, Amazon Customer

This was an absolute blessing. If you're a Bulldog owner this test is a must! SOZO is our French bulldog and if you're familiar with the breed they are prone to allergies. For two years, it's been trial and error trying to pinpoint the exact cause of itching, scratching and breakouts. The vet's solution was blood of $400 plus. Excited, I was introduced to Ucari and the guessing game was over.

- Lorenzo, Amazon Customer

Great Product. We made the recommended changes to our dog's diet - and she is much happier and playful!

- David K., Florida

This kit saved my dog's life. I couldn't possibly be more grateful for this kit, in its detail, speed and accuracy. Using the knowledge we gained from the results, we drastically changed his diet, his hair is growing back, he's sleeping well and no more itching! He's got his vigor back and he's feeling so much better! Thank you for such an amazing kit!!

- Nunya

Worth the investment! Easy to use, follow the instructions and you're good to go. Easy breezy 😊. Love this test and now I will buy for the rest of my family.

- TX, Amazon Customer

Easy testing. I have 2 puppies with reactions, so I used the UCARI test to find out what they were reacting to from food because they are on a home cooked food and after the results and eliminating of what was causing the reactions now, they are doing much better and healing.

- Amazon Customer

Relieved with Quick Results

I was very surprised how quickly the results came back to me. Finding the right dog food is no longer a difficult task!

- Frances B.

Quick Turn Around and Very Helpful and Interesting

Results are detailed and helpful because they let me know that she does not have sensitivity to chicken, but she does to beef. Now I don't have to worry about reading labels and buying the more expensive “Limited Ingredient” stuff! This helped us out a lot!

- Amazon Customer

Highly recommend.

I can't even imagine where we would be without this test!

- Camil E.


I bought this for my dog because we couldn't figure out what was making him lick his paws constantly. He started to seem very lethargic and grumpy. We found out what food intolerance he had then removed it from his diet. He is acting like a pup again. His coat is shiny, no longer licking his paws all the time, and he is very playful. We bought a second one for our other dog. We have decided that we will do this for every pet from now on.

- Brandy B.

Helped me care for my toddler - accurate and well-priced. My son ate a new food and got very sick. I suspected food intolerance but there is no official test the hospital will do. The items on the list of severe actually did trigger severe reactions. I had been skeptical, but I this is legit. Get it when you want support and info but doctors say there's nothing they can really do. Will recommend to everyone now.

- Alicia P.

This product is a life changer.

I've had a variety of health (especially digestive) issues that I have tried for years to address with dietary changes. No matter what I did I just couldn't figure out what was causing or aggravating my condition. Finally, I ordered this test. My results arrived in just a few days. They were very clear and easy to read. I was amazed at how many 'healthy' things I was consuming that aren,t healthy for me. I also found out I was low in Niacin. I immediately began eliminating my trigger foods, spices and additives as well as those on the yellow (caution) list. I also realized from this test there were some ingredients in my personal care products that I should avoid. I must say since making changes based on this test, my digestion has improved, my skin inflammation has improved, my energy levels have improved. I HIGHLY recommend this UCARI product, it can be a life changer.

- Ernest G.

Exceeded my expectations! The results were fast and comprehensive. I am so glad I went this route! Thank you Ucari for delivering fast results and saving my boy from unnecessary vet testing and more money spent!

- Mrs. Powell

Excellent customer service!

Making suggested changes and hoping for excellent results!

- Taylor

Very helpful customer service!

I contacted customer service with a minor concern and was AMAZED by their diligence to make things right. They responded immediately in off hours and really listened to my concerns. I love it when there are actual caring people on the other end of the company. I definitely trust their service and would absolutely recommend this to anyone!!

- Gabi.

Confirm what you think you know about your pet!!

This was so easy to do and send in and gave us results that totally shocked us. We knew our bulldog had sensitivities and were told when we got her that she was allergic to chicken but according to these results chicken was about the only protein she wasn't allergic to. We had been feeding her all the foods she shouldn't have because we didn't confirm the one thing we thought we knew. Don't wait- test early and be sure you know what's actually going on with your pet. You can't beat the knowledge for the price!!

- Laura.


I had allergy test and have been on allergy shots for over a year. The allergy test done at doctor's office did not cover food allergies. It just covered environmental allergies. I am still having issues with sneezing, skin sensitivity, acid reflux, etc. I decided to order this test. The results came back to me in a little over a week. Found out other things I have sensitivity to and how to deal with their elimination.

- Porter

Helped my cat with his itching.

My cat has suffered from overgrooming for a few years, and it's been hard to track down the source (tried flea medication, pheromone spray, calming treats, etc.) This test helped me identify ingredients in his food that he has sensitivities to. Since then, I've eliminated certain ingredients from his food and his patches of fur have grown back! He's also in a better mood (not waking me up all night meowing at the door) so this has been a godsend.

- Camyo

More Than Expected!

I used this tool to revamp my eating habits. Immediately, I had little to no knee joint pain and the weight melted off. Great Product!

- Yvette.

Results are cool.

It's cool when you get your results which only took a few days. I was so excited to see them when they came in. Easy to read.

- Laura J.

Quick and easy

Found out what my Golden Retriever was sensitive to. Skin is much better!!

- Tina R.

Fast turnaround for results!

I am a very impatient person. The results for this were SO fast, much appreciated. Easy to use. Have recommended this already

- Kellie

Pretty amazing

We suspected that our cat had food issues, and rather than continuing to spend hundreds at the vet, we bought this test. This definitely confirms our suspicions. Now my husband wants me to order the human version for him lol.

- Amazon Customer.

Great information

Learned a lot. I like how it's broken down. Easy to follow

- Janet B.

Nicest company

Ucari went above and beyond for me. I ordered this test for my daughter. We've made adjustments in my daughter's diet, and she is feeling much better. Thanks Ucari!

- Krissi W.

This was most informative!!

Our poor little girl has suffered from skin issues for years. Sprays, pills, creams etc have helped but never solved the problem. This test we know was not an allergy test but a sensitivity test and gave us the best hope of just maybe solving some of her problems. Thank you Ucari!!

- Amazon Customer

Wonderful ❤

So happy I purchased this!! After I had my son in my early 20's my acne was so bad and I've never had acne growing up . After taking this test, I've been able to choose healthy choices and have noticed a difference with my skin etc.

- Porsha.

Great intolerance test

Very detailed and easy to understand.

- Christina D.

GI or BM issues…IBS? You must try this NOW!

I have a lot of GI problems. This test gave me a baseline for change and the results are remarkable! I have a lot of other changes to implement focusing on a little at a time, but so much of my sickness and distress has been relieved.

- Mandy.


I thought my dog was allergic to chicken and it turned out so many other things she was sensitive to, but not chicken. It was the antibiotic they put in store chicken!! It's only been a few weeks, but I am already seeing results.

- Lisa V

Love this. Learned tons! Identifying my food sensitivity was easy!

- Gina B.

Easy and Accurate

This test was so easy to take, and the results came in quickly. The results really line up with what I was already suspecting, so I think it's worth the money.

- Tabitha S.

Get it!!

Cured my bloating. I used to live off trail mix and peanuts. I had NO idea that I was intolerant to them. With Minuscule work I look a lot thinner.

- A.B.

Loved It!

I loved the test. The results were swift, and they were accurate, mirroring those from my allergist.

- Karen


This was super easy, fast and mind blowing. Totally ON point with my aversions etc. What was MOST amazing was the imbalances. I had 2 vitamins I was low on (Omega and Vit K) and I started eating foods with those vitamins and I feel amazing!!!

- Alixandra S.