Reintroductions Full Instructions

Reintroductions Full Instructions

Reintroductions Full Instructions


Congratulations! You’ve completed your Green Days journey, and now, you’re ready for phase II: the Re-introductions. During this phase you will:

1. Add your top 10 foods back into your diet.

2. Observe your body’s reaction to these foods individually.

3. Decide if these foods get to be part of your New Normal.

We promised we wouldn’t force you to give up all the foods you loved, and this is where you get to decide what stays and what goes (because your body says so). You will choose the top 10 foods you want to add back into your diet and then take them for a test drive. Each food will have 5 days to show you if it’s worth keeping, and you will be the ultimate judge.

Think of this like a talent search. You’re looking for the ultimate star talent: food that leaves you feeling good, healthy, and strong. In short, these will be your personal super-foods. It's all about listening to your body. We’ll guide you through what signals to pay attention to so, you can make the best choices for you. This will be the time to flex your journaling muscles and keep track of your symptoms daily, so you can make the best decisions for YOU!

Before taking on the Nutritional Reboot, you may have thought you weren’t reacting to foods that later showed up on your red or yellow list.  Not to worry - this is common. Sometimes, when we continue day in and day out to eat foods that our bodies are intolerant to, the body kind of gives up sending warning signals altogether. This is called masking, and it could be one reason you haven't picked up on certain food intolerances before. But all that is about to change!

By completing your Green Days journey, the body often “reboots” it’s warning system and starts sending out these signals again. Because of this, when you reintroduce certain red and yellow list foods, your body may respond differently than it did before. This is not only normal, it’s great news! With actual feedback from your body, you can finally start making informed choices about what you eat, so you can begin living your happiest, healthiest life!

But, even with your warning system back online, intolerances can be sneaky. For instance, some foods may seem fine at first only to trigger discomfort a few days later. So, to run a good audition for that super-food talent search, you want to make sure you follow these important steps:

1. Maintain a solid baseline – This means that before you re-introduce any red list food, you check in with your body to make sure you feel good and you’re not dealing with symptoms caused by other foods.

2. Ramp up slowly - This means eating a small portion of the test food on the first day, and only continuing to eat more of it if you feel no symptoms. Again, listen to your body. It won't steer you wrong!

3. Introduce only one food every 5 days - By only introducing one new yellow/red list food at a time, you can be clear which foods are causing the reactions you're feeling.

Now, for the big question: why do you need the 5-day long breaks in between food introductions? The answer is simple but powerful. This is time for you to observe any symptoms that may pop up after eating any particular food. This is a patient process, but it’s also the beginning of a beautiful relationship between you and your body - one where you actually listen to each other and build a healthy foundation that can last the rest of your life. Ready for life-long wellness that you can trust? Your journey has already begun, and we're so proud of you!

Stay the course!  We're here for you every step of the way…Because at UCARI, it’s all about YOU!

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